Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Photos!!!

I took a quick photos of a friend hoping to get some good photos to use for my AP portfolio, I think I got a few. What do you think?
With these pictures the flowers represent relationships and how once something so precious can easily "be blown away".

With these im trying to convey the idea that women wear the "hearts' on their sleeves"...or hand.I was thinking about making this a series and having a guy in the same type of pose with the hand but a brick wall saying how guys hide their emotions. Or i could just to a bunch of women in different setting with this heart on their hand and make a photo series. what do you think?

I have more pictures from this and more idea I will post later. 
Hope you like what you see!!!


  1. i love the pair of with the flowers - such a spin on the traditional "he love me, he loves me not!" Its like she's saying "who cares!?" I think you are really starting to tap into your voice, no?

  2. I agree. Do you think I could do something with those for my portfolio?