Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Fest D

I am going to review Elizabeth’s work. Over all I think she has really found her spark with the last several projects I’ve seen from her in the past few months. We all know that she loves collage but I like how she has also incorporated collage into other projects like painting and drawing. An example would be the painting with the trees with newspaper clippings in it, I think it adds for the fairy tale effect of it. Also the girls with the gears is an example. I am I little lost on her concept sometimes. I feel like she is going between two, time and stories. I know that they are essentially incorporated, but I feel like she need to connect them more with her work. Most of her things are collages of people mostly, which are very good, or figures of clocks and clogs. The figures and images she uses in her work are older imagery, giving the image of a different age, which is beginning her combination of the two concentrations but she just needs to take it a bit further.