Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Blog! C

So I saw a venus fly trap one day and it reminds most people of an mouth, but it reminded me of an eye. 
So I was in class one day doodling on my notes and I really like this picture I did of a venus fly trap in a pot but as an eye. But I could not just do a ink doodle for a project so I need to figure out something to jazz it up. So I tried this. 
And thought it was too "middle school". So Mrs. Stamper gave me the idea of cutting up the picture and doing the "exploding" technique. So I started re drawing the image and thought it need more so I added another eye. 
This is this (semi) finished product.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Fest A

I was introduced to Emma McDonald’s photography by Mrs. Stamper and I love her photos. Her photos are more of a pin-up, scene, retro style. I love the way she plays with the lighting in her photos. She has used light from behind the model, beneath, and out from objects (like drawers, bathtub, or a dryer). I love her models, they are all very fierce edgy women. She plays with the idea of the roles of women. She features the house wife, working women, seductress, and women of nature. She puts a lot of thought into her outfits. The photos featuring the “house wives” are dresses in simple clothes, even one is in a wife beater. She also uses a lot of retro clothes, fur, jewels, and flowers. 

Blog Fest F

"Mother Earth"
"To The Depths" 
I have done some of my best work I believe this nine weeks. Both of these pieces are featuring the ocean in some sort of way. The first one is more natural, impressionistic yet surreal because of the mountain face. The second is more graphic with sharp defined lines. The first the colors are more natural and muted, while the second are more powerful and bright. Both are kind of dark in their own way. The first because of the roughness of the waves and the figures jumping form the cliffs. The second because of the wave, and the bird seeming to look back and dodging the wave. 

Blog Fest B

I have been paying attention more to eyes and eye contact. Its been said “eyes are the windows to the soul,” and they are. Eyes and eye contact can tell you so much about a person and their situation. In art the viewer only sees what is in the pictures, but the eyes can make them question what else it there? 
There are 3 types of eye contact: 
  1. Direct Eye Contact: With this you can show strong emotions and have a one on one connection with the subject. 
  2. Eye Contact Between Subjects: With this there is eye contact between two people. The view feels more as though they are looking in, not as “involved” with the subject. This also shows a relationship between subjects, whether happy or mad. 
  3. No Eye Contact: This puts the viewer at a “observers” point and it is as if they are getting a glimpse into a private moment. This also makes the viewer question what more is there?