Friday, September 24, 2010

New Project Idea

So I really like this and i'm going to use different layers of paper to make up the face.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've Lost My Way

So as you all know, i'm having a breakdown. Many of my projects and my main theme in art was about relationships and crap, well mine fell apart and he is a awful person and blah blah blah. Well lets just say im not really in the mood to do art about relationships, and im not really sure if i still want to "marry" it, or even "date" it anymore. I think im just gonna take a break and work on some other projects for the breadth area of the test.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Possibly A New Project Idea

So I had the idea of doing a photo shoot and having women recreate  a modern fill of the women in famous paintings, is it silly or good? This picture was just a test to see how I liked it. What do you think, any ideas?

3rd Project Advice Needed

black and white or color? 
do you think one is ready for my portfolio?

5th Project Beginning

This is a sketch of the idea I have for my "more complex" screen print. The paper crane is a symbol of peace, and the couple falling down the rope is the battle to maintain peace in a relationship, and the couple reaching for each other shows that no matter how much they may want to be civil and have peace with each other, sometimes its not always possible.

What do you think?

Project List and Update

1st Project- tree collage with paper cranes - i have made the tree bigger and just need to play with size and placement of the paper cranes and get it all glued down

2nd Project- women and child pillars weave drawing- i have been slacking on this and really need to jump on it i still need to finish both drawings then get the placement right and weave them together

3rd Project- photos with flowers new take on "he loves me, he loves me not"- i am finish with editing these and ready to print

4th Project- trees in the shape of women screen print- i have the screen filled (in one day woot woot) and am ready to print

5th Project- paper and falling couple screen print- i have the sketch and idea still working on but hope to start working on my screen at the beginning of next week

Just giving an update.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Screen Printing Update!!

I have two designs for my screen printing project. My first one is women in the shape of trees to symbolize women's wisdom and strength. I am still working on my second design which is a bit more difficult so the "tree women" designed is kind of like my trial run but I am still really excited about it!! I finished the screen and am just waiting for a chance to print it tomorrow!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Pictures!!!

I did a friend's senior pictures and this is what I got, What do you think?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Photos!!!

I took a quick photos of a friend hoping to get some good photos to use for my AP portfolio, I think I got a few. What do you think?
With these pictures the flowers represent relationships and how once something so precious can easily "be blown away".

With these im trying to convey the idea that women wear the "hearts' on their sleeves"...or hand.I was thinking about making this a series and having a guy in the same type of pose with the hand but a brick wall saying how guys hide their emotions. Or i could just to a bunch of women in different setting with this heart on their hand and make a photo series. what do you think?

I have more pictures from this and more idea I will post later. 
Hope you like what you see!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


So I'm really trying to have a "theme" about women and their different types of relationships, but I really want to do some photos and a photography project any body have any ideas on what I could do????

2nd Project Update

I have been slacking on my weave drawing a bit, but I hope to get a lot of it tackled this weekend. So my piers on the lower level are a little simple I'm going to look up some old piers examples and see if I can add more. Since my picture of the woman and her child is going to be in black and white I'm also going to do the back picture in black and white. Also the bandanna that the women is wearing I was going to color red with white polka dots to be the focal point and also to represent the bandanna that the woman in the "We Can Do It" poster to represent women's strength. Hope to have something to show you next week.

1st Project Update

So for my first project with the tree, I have redone my background which I like so much better. Also I have make the tree bigger but I still need to paint it, i'm going to a green the base color and go over it with different shades of brown to make it look more real. Im debating whether or not it should have leaves, any ideas? I've started folder paper birds and am just playing with size and placement right now.