Friday, September 3, 2010


So I'm really trying to have a "theme" about women and their different types of relationships, but I really want to do some photos and a photography project any body have any ideas on what I could do????


  1. women can have such a spilt role when it comes to domesticity - powerful leader, matriarch, mother, anchor, roots, etc., On the flip side there is this perception that women are weak, unintelligent, flakey, and in need of someone to take care of them. I can see you looking into the women's rights movement for some more inspiration - like the Rosie the Riveter;
    getting to know the stories behind women's social roles (and/or political!) may give you some more content? I will look for some specific links for you in the mean time!

  2. ok thought some more about it and feel as if you could do a cool photo shoot of local women who are "pillars" of the community. remind me and we'll chat about that tomorrow.